iOS 9 problems almost certain, report here

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Apple’s iOS 9 releases to iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users across the world today. It brings a multitude of changes and new features, and as usual we expect a rush of people all trying to download the update at once. The massive amount of devices that a new iOS version involves means that iOS 9 problems are almost certain when it goes live. If you have any issues with the update we’d like you to report them here.

Previously we’ve given our expectations of a release time for iOS 9 and also some advice on how to get your device ready to download and install the update. We expect the update to release in just a few more hours, and every year with a major iOS upgrade we see the same kind of difficulties occurring. These are usually divided into two categories.

Some people are likely to have trouble downloading and installing the update. Millions of people will want to update as soon as they can and the strain of Apple’s servers will be heavy. Because of this it would be almost miraculous if there were not at least a small percentage of users who come up against iOS 9 problems. However, we hope that any issues will only affect limited numbers.

In the past some users have been met with huge download times when trying to update, while others have encountered messages saying that they were already on the latest software even though they were not. Another issue that has sometimes been thrown up is a lack of storage space for downloading and installing, although that should be avoided with iOS 9 as Apple has managed to contain the update to a much more reasonable size.

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